What is the food capital of georgia?

Here's why Atlanta is the food capital of Georgia. You might be able to get a burger anywhere, but you won't find these options on any burger menu. Head to Hobnob for a strawberry aioli or a version with Southern Belle cheese and pepper. At FLIP Burger Boutique, order the Butcher's Cut, with Angus beef, blue cheese with Emmi Roth butter, caramelized onion, soy truffle vinaigrette, french fries, pickled shallots and red wine jam.

Combine it with one of their famous milkshakes for adults. At Grindhouse Killer Burgers, try the Apache, with Pepper Jack cheese, roasted onions and green chilies from New Mexico. The most daring diners at Cypress Street Pint & Plate can order the Krispy Kreme burger. If you prefer a dairy-free burger, Wonderkid has everything you need, and non-meat eaters know that you can go to Slutty Vegan for the one-night stand.

Discover more places to find the best hamburgers in Atlanta. A Southern staple, there's no shortage of tasty options for fried chicken at ATL. Paschal's, the place to meet for a meal during the civil rights movement, continues to serve its famous fried chicken from 1947. Mary Mac's Tea Room is a favorite spot for its delicious batter, and The Colonnade, another former restaurant in the ATL chain, serves “old school” chicken well done. Busy Bee Cafe is known for its “moist, juicy, and delicious fried chicken,” and The General Muir version of the dish appeared in Garden & Gun.

Southerners love sweet tea, and you can't go wrong at Mary's Mac's Tea Room, where a tall, cold glass is the perfect accompaniment to a Southern fried chicken dish, similar to a pot of crackling cornbread, fried green tomatoes and Brunswick stew. Take home a dozen cinnamon rolls. Explore more places to drink tea in Atlanta. Meat and three, a Southern tradition, is a hearty dish that you can choose between meat, fried chicken, ham, field-fried steak, meatloaf or pork chops, with a choice of three sides, usually vegetables, potatoes, mac and cheese or cream of corn. Served with a piece of cornbread and a large glass of iced sweet tea to go with it, there's nothing more southern or filling than a plate of meat and three.

Enjoy a meal at one of the many long-serving ATL dining rooms, such as the Colonnade or the Busy Bee Cafe, considered the ATL's Soul Food Kitchen, and we're in agreement. To get started, try the Atlanta Grilled Cheese Festival in Brookhaven, the Taste of Alpharetta or the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. When you think of the best American dining destinations, the city of Atlanta, Georgia, doesn't usually make the list, but that's all about to change. Atlanta is a city full of color and life, and I discovered a sophisticated dining scene that references the past and looks to the future.

Food lovers with a penchant for diverse global cuisines may want to consider exploring Atlanta's eclectic dining scene...

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