What food is atlanta famous for?

Atlanta's dining scene is a unique treat for diners looking for something special in the South. The most iconic dishes, such as chicken with crackers, bread pudding and crab cakes, share table space with creative dishes such as macaroni and cheese chimichangas, peach donut burgers and lasagna pizza. Gu's Kitchen, along with other institutions such as Chong Qing Hot Pot and Tasty China, was one of the first places to promote Sichuan cuisine in Atlanta. But their Zhong-style dumplings are arguably the most popular dish in Atlanta.

Get it at Gu's Kitchen in Chamblee or Gu's Dumplings in Krog St. Buffalo, with lemon and pepper and even Korean fried chicken: we love everything. And we have to admit that J.R. Cricket's was one of the first to install the kind of wings they adored in ATL back in the 80s.

While the buffalo is perhaps what they do best, it's their lemon-and-pepper-drenched wings that have become legendary thanks to Donald Glover's show Atlanta. Despite the name, they're more like moist buffalo wings with a hint of lemon and pepper seasoning. It's an American delicatessen that you'll have to go to to to try some real wet lemon and pepper wings. Few Atlanta locations have aroused the enthusiasm that NFA Burger has.

But their simple burger is simply one of the best in Atlanta. Perfectly mashed angus veal patties, four pickles so that each bite is perfectly balanced, melted American cheese, a potato roll and a little bit of a totally addictive mayonnaise-based sauce called “daring sauce”. It's just perfection. Athens, Georgia, is the best university city on the planet. The Classic City has it all, but what separates Athens from so many other university cities is its incredible dining scene.

These are just a few of the best restaurants in Athens near the UGA campus. There's no better reward for a long day than ice cream filled with balls with whatever ingredient warms your heart. Since you've earned that reward, we've made a list of some of the best ice cream shops in Atlanta: from loaded milkshakes to matcha ice cream, small-batch products and the most modern ice cream chain in the country. Whether you're looking for a meal on the bucolic Chattahoochee River or a 10-story cocktail with a view of all of Atlanta, you'll be impressed with our list of the best restaurants in Atlanta for breathtaking views. Atlanta is a city full of talented chefs and restaurant owners, but some of them are also taking creativity to a whole new level.

They combine truly unique flavors to create rare and unusual dishes that can't be found anywhere. Atlanta is the birthplace of Coca-Cola. The fast food chain Chick-fil-A originated in Hapeville, a suburb of Atlanta. Loca Luna has some of the best tapas in Atlanta.

From chicken patty to lamb chops, chicken rod and the fried prawns.

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