What are 5 interesting facts about atlanta?

The fastest baseball game in history was played in Atlanta. The Georgia State Capitol shines with 43 ounces of gold. Atlanta hosts the largest multimedia and pop culture event. Did you know that other one? The World of Coca-Cola museum offers an interactive experience that takes visitors on a journey through the history, production and global impact of this iconic soft drink.

Taste more than 100 drinks from around the world and marvel at Coca-Cola's impressive collection of souvenirs. Atlanta hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics and, as a result, the Centennial Olympic Park was created as a lasting legacy. This beautiful park spans 21 acres in downtown Atlanta and serves as a meeting place for both locals and tourists. It features fountains, green spaces, walking trails and the iconic Olympic Rings fountain.

The park also hosts several events and concerts throughout the year, providing entertainment and recreation opportunities for everyone.

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